Custom Wallpaper

Peelable wallpaper by Wall-a-Tac allows you to have your own photograph, stock image or design printed on a low tack self adhesive fabric. Our custom wallpaper can be repositioned and reused time and time again, changing the face of any space at work and at play. Wall-a-Tac custom and designer wallpaper changes the face of any space at work and at play.

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The Custom / Peelable Wallpaper Specialists

Wallpaper For Your Home

Imagination is the only limit. With our printed custom wallpaper you can have any image of any size on any wall in your house. Peel it off without leaving a mark, move it and replace it. Transform your living space with a favourite image that looks like it is part of the room, part of the design, part of you. Wall-a-Tac works just as well in corridors, kitchens, bathrooms in fact anywhere that you want to turn a wall into a picture.

Wallpaper For Your Business

For permanent or temporary images – Wall-a-Tac Printed Custom Wallpaper is a low cost convenient flexible and good looking alternative to more permanent wallpaper and transient posters. Ideal for images in offices and restaurants, Wall-a-Tac is equally at home in any retail environment from fashion stores to baker’s shops. Leave it on the wall as long as you like and then change it when you are ready – all without damage to the wall. Give your brand a boost with Wall-a-Tac.

Wallpaper For Your Client

If you are in the business of designing spaces for your clients, temporary or permanent, Wall-a-Tac printed custom wallpaper is a simple and cost effective solution to bring your ideas to life – again and again. From fitted kitchens to corporate buildings and pubs to hotels, shops to shopping malls, the quality of material, the linen like surface and the print definition gives you a durable yet flexible wall covering that will carry any image you specify. Find out more before someone else does.